Who We Are

A little bit more about those of us behind Action Academy

Doug Stidolph

Managing Director

Doug has been involved with the action sports industry for well over a decade; during which he has worked both for several of the largest companies within the sector and fast-growing disruptive start-ups. After working for two different founders in Australia he spent four years studying Technology Entrepreneurship at the University of Surrey; also finding time to write an academic paper on the benefits of adventure sports participation and the future scope for the industry. Three years and three more start-ups later and he broke out to create the adventure sports booking marketplace – Hyera – which now takes up every second of his life that isn’t already committed to Action Academy.

Mickey Fitz


Mickey has wisely spent most of the last half-decade living in the mountains across France & New Zealand; gaining a tonne of experience in the industry, including successfully helping to grow (and exiting) a luxury catering business in the French resort of Morzine. Combined with his 8 years producing professional video content (winning a few awards along the way), he’s now the founder of a video-sharing platform – Shredits – dedicated to the action-sports community.

The Action Academy Mentors

The great minds and successful adventrepreneurs who work with us.

Amie Henderson

Origami Media

Amie heads up Origami Media; a digital marketing agency based in Morzine, France. Having built the buisness from the ground up, Amie has a thing or two to teach any startups looking to relocate away from the city - either for a season or permanently. On top of Origami, she also founded the Alps' leading business & lifestyle magazine, Source.

Cameron Hall


Cameron worked as a ski instructor teaching in resorts all around the world before moving into the media, spending the best part of a decade at one of the UK’s leading independent PR agencies. With a passion for the mountains and a number of sporting achievements under his belt, from running marathons on polar icecaps to conquering Ironman, he knows how to engage with the adventure sports community like few others.

As Founder of Holmlands, his media consultancy and events business, Cameron provides effective PR solutions for brands that share in his passions. Holmlands also host bespoke film screenings and live music nights centred around outdoor life, with events held both in the UK and Europe.

Greg Stidolph

Van Loon Sport

Greg has been studying and working around clothing design since 2010. Combined with his borderline-obsession with skiing and unhuman eye for fashion trends, Van Loon has been the inevitable direction for his latest venture. Two years in and featured in some of the Alps’ most exclusive ski shops – not to mention appearing in GQ and ISPO’s design awards – Greg is demonstrating how to disrupt with drive.

David Holme

Alepine Beer

“You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline. It helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer”. Frank Zappa’s quote; emblazoned proudly on the front of Alepine’s website, sums up David’s passion for barley, water, hops and yeast. Combined with his past experiences working in Courchevel and London (with Facebook, no less), and his brilliant use of personal brand and networking savvy; David has supercharged Alepine's sweep across Europe in only its second year.

Harriet Smith

Collective Industries

Alumni of energy drinks giant, Monster Energy, Harriet is a diehard wakeboarder and founder of digital marketing agency, Collective Industries. Providing their analytics and social media services across a range of lifestyle businesses – from local to international scale – Harriet and her team understand the exposure, engagement and reach of lifestyle brands better than just about anyone.

Kyle Dickson

Retro Rentals

Our lifestyle business guru; Kyle first moved out to the mountains so long ago nobody can exactly remember, before coming up with the brilliantly simple idea of hiring out retro one-piece ski suits to punters and students at music festivals and ski trips. Pretty niche hey? Definitely, and a niche that Kyle has completely dominated. Years later and the business has grown into an international events agency, and Kyle has his hand in several projects across the Alps; a complete serial entrepreneur and opportunist to the bone.

Nick Coates

Bro! Clothing

One of the most well-known (and well-loved) men in the UK wakeboard scene; Nick first started Bro! with brother JJ back at the turn of 2010. Fuelled by an unapologetic love for tie-dye prints; the boys spotted a trend and Bro! shot into recognition. With a growing range of both Summer and Winter lifestyle clothing – all designed with a sense of humour – Nick has great experience in both personal brand and bootstrapping a business with minimal capital.

Stuart Brown

Founder, FitTech Collective

A former athlete who combines his passion for physical activity & sport - and the science and engineering behind it - in his work. Stuart leads the Fit Tech Collective, a venture-builder which advises start-ups on building relevant products, raising finance and scaling distribution. Stuart also works with London Sport - an organisation put together by the Mayor's Office and Sport England to get Londoners more active - where he leads its startup-led innovation programme.