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This week we celebrated 100 moments shared with our #Adventrepreneurs on Instagram. From our inaugural event at London’s HereEast where 50 entrepreneurs heard from some of the most creative and inspiring business minds in the adventure sports startup community to Nomads Camp in Morzine, France last Spring. It’s been an epic journey of adventure, learning and new friendships. Here’s what our founders had to say:

Doug Stidolph // Co-Founder & CEO

Doug Stidolph“Considering Action Academy’s humble beginnings, it’s been quite amazing to see the continued positive response from the increasing members of our community. Without first realising it, we really believe we’ve hit on a growing trend in the world of work, and in how we choose to make our way in this world. To be connecting the ambitious change-makers with an environment that allows them to thrive is an extremely exciting space to be within right now, and we only look forward to building on this in the years ahead. Thanks for the support so far, and help us to help more Adventrepreneurs like you!”

Mickey Fitz // Co-Founder & Marketing

Co-founder of Action Academy, Mickey Fitz

“Looking back at all of these moments reminds me of what we’re working so hard to build – a community. But our community goes beyond a sense of belonging – it’s about changing the way we spend our most valuable currency; time. Most of us will spend 70% of our lives at work – that’s a big investment. Since opening the doors to the concept of working where you belong we’ve awakened a huge community of adventure-loving entrepreneurs and professionals searching for escape without compromise. It’s been amazing to witness how people’s lives change after working with some of the most inspiring, creative and ambitious people from around the world. The support we’ve had up to this point has been overwhelming and I’m so excited for the future of Action Academy as we explore new horizons and build our community even further. So to all of our #Adventrepreneurs¬†out there, thank you! And to all future belongers, I can’t wait to meet you!

From all of us here at Action Academy, we’d like to say thank you to our #Adventrepreneurs¬†– you are the lifeblood of what we do. Never stop exploring the limits of how exceptional life can be.

If you want to become a part of our growing community we want to hear from you. Join us today:


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