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Pictured Above: A Digital Nomad works from the brand new sun deck at INFERNO Morzine.

Morzine is full of new, exciting opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs.

Yet it takes a certain type of person to succeed in the mountains when it seems that the industry surrounding them is struggling. The snow pack gets thinner each winter, yet their business continues to thrive. These are the people to watch.


Cafe Chaud Morzine // Local Bar

Cafe Chaud was acquired by Morzine-veteran Kyle Dickson last year. The eccentric, serial opportunist, who would never refer to himself as an ‘entrepreneur’, has a talent for taking simple ideas and turning them into gold dust. His greatest venture to date is Retro Rentals: rent epic 80’s skiwear for parties, events or a day of radical awesomeness on the slopes. A lucrative business if you have thousands of fluorescent jumpsuits in storage due to an earlier obession.

Although Cafe Chaud is no new establishment in Morzine after being around for over 10 years, Kyle launched it as Morzine’s most exciting new attraction at the start of winter 2016/17. Their success has been enormous boasting the largest crowds, fastest service and the most original live music in the area.

Some may argue that a bar needs to be more than just busy to be successful. Well, Kyle is more than just a party-planner; It seems his attention to the numbers has paid off after his recent acquisition of two new businesses. Expanding into the accomodation sector with Hideout Hostel and extending his entertainment arm into the Paradis night club. The future looks bright for Kyle and his ambitious team – we can’t wait to see where he is this time next year.

Bass Station // EntertainmentAdventure music service in the mountains in Morzine

Bass Station originated in Tignes, France, where Chris (Dj Kommissar) started playing the best Apres hip-hop sets at the one and only Loop Bar.

Bass Station now hosts credible parties with quality established and up and coming musicians and artists from Europe to New Zealand. Chris believes in the inherent relationship between snow sports and music and he aims to protect and promote that culture.

Chris tested the waters in Morzine this winter with Base Station events in Morzine bars to which he recieved a standing ovation. He’s now based in Morzine for the remainder of this year and into next. If you ever have the pleasure of attending a Base Station gig you’re likely to be inches away from the likes of Krafty Kuts, A-Skillz and Red Bull Champion DJ’s as they scratch their way into your musical hearts.

Chris’s directory of artists is ever-growing and he endeavours to host the biggest and best music events in the snow-sports industry. Let’s see how he grows!

AlepineAlepine // Beer For Mountain-Lovers

Alepine, led by possibly the most entertaining man on the planet – David Holme – is an exciting new beer brand that’s planning enormous growth in 2017 & 2018.

Dave’s ambitions to get some real beer into the frosty hands of the alpine ski crowd is proving to be an early success. His branding and name in itself have caught the eye of many holiday-makers in search of a refreshing, tasty ale after a day on the planks.

Dave’s personality and bravado are what most of the Morzine locals imagine when Alepine is mentioned. His posh London accent and addicition to cricket makes him a first-choice dinner guest or drinking buddy. After spending the summer in London expanding his distribution network Dave will return to his Morzine base where he’ll begin another winter of promoting the drink across the Alps. We wish Dave all the luck he deserves and if you see one of his beers in a bar, give it a taste – you won’t be disappointed.

New businesses pop up in Morzine every year. It’s an exciting place to base yourself as an entrepreneur as you’ll not only be surrounded by some of the most motivated and fun go-getters around, you’ll also have the playground of the mountains just outside your office window.

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