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Modern marketing & content creation is all about keeping up with trends – but not just trends in what people are sharing – you need to keep up with how content is being created.

It’s no longer enough to post about trending topics; we now need to look deeper into human behaviour in social channels. Lets put things in perspective:

By 2018, video content will represent 76% of all internet traffic and 80% by 2019
In 2016 2,430,555 Instaram posts were liked every minute.
1.15 BILLION people actively use Facebook's mobile platform every month
300 Million photos are shared on Facebook every day
in 2016, 3.3 million posts were made to Facebook every minute
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There’s no doubt about it – those stats are overwhelming. With the endless stream of content being shared online 24-hours a day 7 days a week on every single platform it’s impossible to get your content on the front line for more than a millisecond, if that!

That being said modern marketers and content creators are using cleaver techniques to stay ahead of the pack and all it takes is more attentiveness to your audience and where and how they’re consuming content.

Optimise For Mobile:

ADVENTURE COWORKING ON MOBILEMobile-first content consumption has officially taken over from fixed-screen.  This means most of your audience will view your videos, photos & posts from this tiny screen.

Grab Their Attention:

Have you ever heard of thumb-stopping? It’s a term used to describe the moment someone stops scrolling through a news feed to watch a video, look at a photo or read a post. You can optimise your content to have a high thumb-stop rate by playing with the colour and size of what you’re sharing. Have you noticed that barely any video you watch on facebook these days is landscape? They’re all in perfect squares – this is because it takes up more of the screen and therefore grabs your attention when scrolling. Even movie trailers are being released in square formats.

Photos and cover images for blogs work best when they’re bright, well balanced and high quality. Are you following Facebook’s guidelines for images sizes? They can be found here. Make sure all your content meets Facebook’s recommended dimensions so you don’t loose quality.

Facebook’s admin posts: have you noticed that when ever Facebook wants to tell you about an update to privacy, a memory you’ve shared or a weather update they use paper-like cartoons? Some brands are following suit in their posts as to gain immediate trust; users trust Facebook so if they’re offered commonality in a post they’re more likely to click through.

Video Is King!

Video is more immersive, engaging and entertaining than any other type of content. With the introduction of 360 and LIVE platforms content creators are under pressure to keep up. Creating high-quality video has been completely consumerised by the latest camera technology in smartphones; we now have to look beyond crisp, HD adverts if we want to stand out.

If you’re not already educated on VR, AR, or LIVE platforms then you can use a thumb-stopping technique called ‘live captionning’. When you create a piece of video content you can caption it so when people scroll onto the thumbnail they know exactly what they’re about to watch. People like to be told what to do – so tell them they’re watching a video about how Nomads Camp was GAME-CHANGING! in big, clear, block letters.

Virgin Holidays recently used LIVE video in marketing by broadcasting live-streams from various locations around the world. Unedited, raw, in-the-moment video experiences of their products – brilliant.

The most effective way of learning how to create the best content is by meeting and talking to the professionals – GoPro ambassadors, extreme sports athletes and fitness icons. At our Nomads Camps we connect you with some of the most exciting people in the adventure sport and startup communites. Hear their success stories, learn from their greatest achievements and work on your own content for up to two weeks in the mountains.


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