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Your ideas are sacred and should be protected but if they never see the light of day that is all they will ever be – ideas.

The reason you think your idea is so great is because you truly believe people will love it. If that’s true then those people deserve to use your product/service, so why are you keeping it from them?

 You may have written down some ideas and calculated the upfront investment for your venture. You have felt inspired and ready to commit all your free time and energy to mapping out your business plan and marketing strategy. And then, the next morning, when you weighed up the risks and the knowledge and commitment required, your inspiration fades away and you decided to continue with the day job, putting your business idea on the back burner until a more convenient time.

One of the main reasons people avoid starting their business is because they simply don’t think it’s possible. The most effective way to remedy this is to speak to people who have done it or are starting up themselves. Find out how they got the money to get going or what skills they learnt to save on spending. You’ll be surprised how much help startup entrepreneurs are willing to provide by simply talking about their own experiences.

Is there anyone accessible to you who might be able to provide some insight? If not, we can guarantee you’ll find them at Action Academy.

Something we hear over and over again when we speak to first-time entrepreneurs is “I just don’t have the skills or resources I need to get the business going.” Is this you? Remember – for every skill you lack there is someone who is an expert. Attend startup classes and go to industry talks which will help you gain more confidence. Time isn’t wasted when you’re learning.

We’ll be connecting potential partners at our Morzine event in December. Looking for someone who will compliment your idea and make it a reality? Get involved.

Money is a huge factor in the decision to start a business. Above all you probably don’t know how to find the money to startup. Have you thought about scaling back your idea to the point where you can afford it? The best services and products on the market today were crafted over years of testing, analysing and reshaping. Very rarely will you see an idea go from paper to success in one hit. We have expert speakers coming to AC to explaining how to use an MVP to knock your startup cost back to a reachable amount.

If you were given the choice between spending the rest of your life at your day job or running a business doing exactly what you love, what would you choose? Well, believe it or not this is not hypothetical. This choice is real and you can make a decision today.

 The only way to start your business is by starting your business.

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