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If you are one of the many aspiring entrepreneurs that reads business books to educate or inspire yourself then you are likely to have come across such truisms as, “Business is all about taking calculated risks” and, “Sometimes you just have to jump in at the deep end.”

“Launching a new business in itself is a risk but one, which can be extremely rewarding given the right mindset and direction.”

Action and adventure sports naturally push us to and past our boundaries arousing within us excitement, fear and accomplishment. Adrenaline is magic pumping through your veins, it makes us feel invincible and propels you into risk without hesitation. This deep desire for adventure can be channeled into a startup with great success.

“Business is a journey to a goal and once achieved a new goal is set, which ignites a new adventure. Does this sound familiar? When you reach the end of your bike trail, do you say “that’s enough”? Unlikely. You’ll fiercely search for the next challenge.”

Is there only ever one way down? Rarely. Will you always take the path most travelled? Sometimes. Will you strive to find a new rout and be the first to do so? Absolutely. Being recognised for doing things differently, innovating and shaking up the status quo will work wonders for you as an athlete and as an entrepreneur. If you follow everyone else’s tracks where do you think you’ll end up? You guessed it, right behind them. Harness your adventurous nature and find new ways of doing things, new ways of motivating your team, new ways of engaging your customers and you will soon find yourself in success.

Most people avoid risk, but you go searching for it. That alone can mean the difference between getting there first or falling by the wayside of huge opportunities in your future as an entrepreneur. Be proud of your over-excited, out-of-the-box attitude to life and carve it into your company culture. Imagine the power of a team that unquestionably seeks out the next challenge.

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