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This is the immersive video experience that people are raving about.

Leading brands might be using instagram stories as a more creative advertising platform but no one is doing anything quite like this.

We’re leading the game by creating an immersive, interactive video experience for our followers which feels like an early version of augmented reality. We use a series of 10-second clips in portrait-format with animated buttons that encourage users to tap or swipe as the story unfolds, resulting in a fun, engaging experience for viewers. The slides pose questions, answers and offers stunning cinematography throughout to keep viewers attention until the very end of the story. We proudly boast that over 70% of people who open the first slide watch to the end, which results in 100% engagement for each of those viewers.

screenshots-2When you open the Action Academy story you are met with a question: “Would you like to go on an adventure?” with the option to TAP for “Let’s Go!” or SWIPE DOWN for “I don’t like adventure”. Tapping no longer means skipping and swiping no longer means an easy choice. This way we get to control the customer journey, with a better chance of leading to a conversion.

“When I first discovered the instagram story platform I saw huge potential for an immersive experience. Users are given the power to skip through slides by tapping the screen, or swipe them away if they’re uninterested. I wanted to create a way to use that behaviour in a way which people wouldn’t expect – give them the same options with different outcomes.”

– Mickey Fitz, Action Academy Co-Founder/Content Creator

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“I didn’t want it to feel like an advert – more like a game. I wanted to give viewers the choice to play that game and if they decided to do so they were rewarded. The reaction so far has be fantastic with several viewers direct messaging us after watching. Granted a lot of them want to know how to make them, so which the answer is simple – join our Nomads Camp in Morzine and I’ll teach you!”

– Mickey Fitz, Action Academy Co-Founder/Content Creator

Content creation in 2017 is all about staying relevant, original and creative. Use the tools at your disposal to wow your customers in ways they don’t expect. Want to learn more content tips? During Nomads Camp we’ll be hosting a content creation masterclass in which you’ll learn new, modern techniques that will seriously improve your marketing. Join us in Morzine this August:


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