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Even if you’ve not heard the name, chances are you’ve heard about his greatest achievements; The Eden Project and The Lost Gardens Of Heligan.

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Smit has a rather odd set of management principals, which are embedded in his company handbooks provided to all Eden staff. Some honourable mentions would be;

“All 700 staff must learn to play the samba drums together.”

“Each staff memeber must prepare and perform a speech about why they love to work for me.”

It’s full of wacky, seemingly ridiculous role requirements – how can a company really expect this of their staff? Well, Sir Tim has his reasons…

adventure co-working nomads camp action academy morzine remote working

Above all, there’s one principal that stands out for us;

“You must say good morning to at least 20 people before starting work”

Smit understands people and a business is no more than a group of people working together. He explains this pricipal by simply suggesting that you should never start your day with work. Saying good morning to at least 20 people encourages his team to get to know each other and interract on a personal level before any work commences. When you put it like that it doesn’t seem so ridiculous, right?

So what can we learn from this?

adventure co-working nomads camp action academy morzine remote working
When we wake up we’re often tired, uninspired and all we think about is the first piece of work on the agrenda for the day. No amount of coffee can wake you up enough to be mentally fired up for a hard days work. In order to start work with a positive attitude Smit encourages people to be nice to one another.
Whether you’re a remote-working digital nomad, running your own business or working a 9-5 office job in the city starting your day with work isn’t healthy, yet we all do it too often. Smit’s 20-greetings rule is inspiring, but we can look beyond it. What if you could start your day with something that not only puts a smile on your face, but fills you with energy, excitement and adrenaline? – You would be unsptoppable.
At The Action Academy we bring entrepreneurs and digital professionals out of the city to work in the most incredible adventure sports destinaitions across Europe. Not only do we offer the chance to wake up to a visually stunning work environment, we encouage our members to go biking, paddle out into the surf or click into their skis before sitting down to work. Having these amazing activities right on your dorrstep makes it possible to introduce to a daily routine. Replace your morning train commute with 3 runs on a Mountain Bike or half an hour in the Surf – just imagine what will happen to your attitude to work after doing something so incredible at the very start of your day.
adventure co-working nomads camp action academy morzine remote working
The world is changing and now, more than ever before, you have the power to produce amazing work with global influence anywhere from the beach to the summit.

Apply to join us at one of our Nomads Camps: take this chance to experience what it’s like to work in a place where everyone starts their day like this.


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