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GoPro have shaken up the action sports industry this week with their all new line of cameras and the launch of their highly anticipated KARMA Drone.


Until recently GoPro’s marketing team seemed to have lost sight of how to best sell their cameras. After the release of their Hero 4 editions they quickly hit us with the Hero 4 Session, which haemorrhaged the sales of all their earlier lines. The Session offered user simplicity and a single recording format which gives ammeters professional-standard video with a single click.

A company as huge and as dominant as GoPro could easily continue improving on their base products while maintaining huge sales and profit margins but to our surprise they did something quite different. Realising the demand for Drone technology and the popularity of their Session cameras they developed a symbiotic product line, which encapsulated the best of both. The fold-away Drone also comes with a hand-held gimbal which clips into all of GoPro’s mounts. It’s never been easier to pop out your Drone, film an arial masterpiece and then run around with the same camera capturing smooth stabilised footage.

For years DJI have revolutionised drone technology by bringing the flying camera experience into the hands of the everyman. Their seemingly simple and elegant designs have meant that anyone can buy and use a drone and for a moment it looked like they were light-years ahead of their competition.


As we saw the KARMA unveiled it became clear that they had nailed the takeover. The Phantom 4 requires an iPhone 5s or higher to fly the Drone where as the KARMA comes with it’s own compact flight controller. DJI’s Drones are bulky and uncomfortable to transport, the KARMA folds down flat and packs into a thin, lightweight back-pack. Everything that was wrong about the Phantom innovations has been solved by GoPro in an explosive product launch.

So what can we learn from this?

When starting your business you will need to be agile and adaptive to changes in the market. The quicker you react the more likely you are to keep up with the competition. Is there something you should be watching right now?

If your Brand promises it’s customers the best in what you do, you’d better be prepared to put in the work to make that happen. What do your customers expect from you and what have you told them?

People want simplicity. Does your product make it easier or harder for your customers to get what they want? Just because someone is offering a seemingly revolutionary way of doing something, does’t mean it’s necessarily the best.

The GoPro brand has not only built a reputation for making the world’s most versatile cameras but they have invented a way of life too. Nick Woodman, Founder of GoPro, was a surfer who wanted a camera he could take out into the water without the fear of loosing or breaking it. This not only sparked the original idea for the GoPro but created culture, which has encapsulated everything GoPro has done since day one.

Introducing The KARMA Drone by Nick and his team:

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