17 Reasons To Book Nomads Camp This Summer - Action Academy
If you're wondering what you'll get up to at one of our Nomads Camps, this should help.

The People

Take 30 adventurous entrpereneurs and professionals to the mountains, what happens? Imagine the energy, the excitment and the conversations you'll have with a crowd of like-minded, creative people!

The Free Time

What do you do with your free time back home? The mountains offer a playground to help clear your mind after a good work session. Finish that last email and explore!

The Adventure Sport

Mountain Biking, Wakeboarding, Yoga, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Hiking, Canyonning, Rock Climbing, Sunset Mountain Climbing, we could go on...

The Workspaces

We've teamed up with 5 local spaces to offer you a range of different work spots from sun terraces with a hot tub to Hammocks overlooking Morzine from 1500m up.

The Workshops

Growth Hacking, Content Creation, How To Make Remote Working Work and more. Learn modern tips and trends in our inclusive group workshops. You'll have the chance to apply what you learn to your own ideas and businesses with support from our team.

The Nightlife

If you're one to let off some steam after a hard day's work then Morzine has an eclectic mix of bars to choose from. Cafe Chaud for the most original music, L'Aubergade for a quite sociable drink, Cavern Bar for the cheese, Tibetan for the world largest G&T's, Rogers for the local crowd and if you're feeling really wild - L'opera for bad decisions.

The Views

Morzine sits in the middle of a mountain range called the Portes Du Soleil. In the morning the towering rock formations shine like diamonds and the sunsets are up there with some of the most beautiful moments nature can offer. We'll make sure you get to see all of Morzine's best views, while you work and play.

The Professional Talks

We want to inspire you - you'll have the oppotunity to attend professional talks from athletes and entrepreneurs in our community. Hear of their successes, failures, invaluable lessons learned and get to know them on a personal level.

The Photo Ops

How often do you get to take a selfie at the summit of a mountain as the sun rises or sets behind you? How often do you get to take a team snap after running into an alpine lake after work? How often can you boast about your 'office'?

The Networking

Whether you're conceiving an idea or starting/growing a business, networking is essential. At Nomads Camp you'll be surrounded by more inspired, creative and driven people than ever before. After two weeks of working and adventuring together you'll form strong friendships that go beyond the 'office'. Meet and stay connected to the right people.

The Food

Morzine is famous for it's range of dining options. To name a few there's The Bec Jaune with their new vegan Mexican menu, O'Chalet with the best burgers in town, La Chamade with the Chef's table, Shafty's fried chicken open until 2am and Satellite for their irresistible breakfast baps.

The Lakes

There's 5 lakes to visit while you're in and around Morzine, can you find them all? All with their own uniqueness and epic sunsets it would be a shame to miss one!

The Local Enterprise

One of the best things about Morzine for a newcomer is the incredible amount of new businesses popping up every year. The town is swimming with entrpereneurs eager to meet and get to know you. Everyone has their own professional passions but they all share a commmon one: the mountains.

The Accessibility

No matter where you choose to get your work done in Morzine you'll always be within minutes of an adventure. Walk outside any door in town and you're in the epicentre of outdoor activities.

The Public Speaking Opportunities

On the last night of Nomads Camp we'll encourage anyone who'd like to give a talk to do so. It can be a pitch for your idea, a learning from the camp, a Q&A, what ever you feel will offer value. It's important to master confidence in front of people, as when it matters the most and you're pitching to a customer, an investor or a potential business partner you'll need to convince them their time and money is worth it.

The Membership

Once you attend your first Nomads Camp with Action Academy you'll have to chance to become a member. Members get a range of benefits such as early-bird exclusivity on future camps, discounts and free services and support form our team.

The Memories

How often do you finish a work week in the city and think, "Woah, that was probably one of the best experiences of my life!" From the people you'll meet, the lifelong friendships you'll build, the adventures you'll scream about and the stories you'll hear and learn from you'll have a lifetime of incredible memories to take home with you. That is, if you want to go home...

This list was compiled as a result of our Nomads Camp feedback. These adventrepreneurs believe in the benefits of adventure co-working, be it permenantly or short-term. You can escape the city without leaving the office, your work can be fuelled by play and you can choose to surround yourself with amazing people every day. Join us in Morzine this summer, discover a new way of working and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

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