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Instagram stories are fast becoming the most creative advertising tools brands have at their disposal.
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As with any new advertising tool, Red Bull are all over it. Instagram recently introduced the ‘reply with photo/video feature to it’s stories. This opens up the gates to massive audience interaction.

This weekend Red Bull is shaking up the Instagram game by posting viewer-voted dance offs between their followers. They encourage you to video your #FridayFreak and direct message it to them. It’s easy, fast and you get the chance to be featured on Red Bull’s instagram if you’re lucky.

Cleverly using Instagram influencers such as fatal.attraction and Roy_Purdy they quickly capture the attention of viewers. Watching people we engage with day-to-day gives viewers a sense of familiarity and trust and therefore we’re more likely to take part. Also the possibility of being featured next to these online legends is an incentive in itself.

There are many ways to use the Instagram story platform to connect with users in new and unexpected ways. The various actions users have access to such as ‘tap to skip’ and ‘swipe down to exit’ give content creators a lot of room for immersive experiences. Red Bull put the ‘tap to skip’ action to good use when they released a “TAP TO SKI!” story, in which each slide was the next photo in a sequence of a skier riding down a mountain. The idea being that every time you tapped the screen the rider would gradually descend.

adventure co-working nomads camp action academy morzine remote working

insta-iconWe use Instagram stories in a similar way; we begin by posing a question to the viewer, “Would you like to go on an adventure?”, with the option to tap for yes and swipe down for “I don’t like adventure.”

The story then gradually unfolds as users tap virtual buttons. If you’re wondering how it works – head over to our Instagram now and check it out!

We love creative marketing techniques and teaching them to our community is one of the best things about Nomads Camp. We’ll show you new, innovative ways to interact with your audience on various social platforms in our group workshops. Interested? Find out how you can become a part of our community today:


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